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Management Consulting

ProIntel Africa’s Management Consulting Division covers a broad spectrum of services vital to our client’s business establishment and longevity in Tete and Mozambique.

Despite our offering of such a large number of services, our clients can be assured that detailed attention will be paid to how each service is applied in rder to meet their specific requirements. The following is an outline of our primary Management Consulting services.

i) Knowledge of Regional Market Conditions and Opportunities Analysis

ProIntel Africa maintains up to date knowledge of Mozambican markets and prominent industries, particularly those that are mining and industry related. We are able to advise small, medium and large businesses on operating in all locations whether urban or remote. We provide our clients with all of the research and information that they need; tailored to their requirements.

In terms of specifics, ProIntel Africa provides its clients with the following:

  • Knowledge of market history and trends
  • Connections to Local Markets
  • Business relations/networking
  • Proposal Review
  • Growth area expertise

ii) Strategic marketing and business development

This key management area is one that ProIntel Africa prides itself in. Establishing a client’s business within the Mozambican market is only the first step to its success.

Creating presence for their business within strategically identified local and international markets, coupled with constant development, will secure it as a current and future player in its industry. ProIntel Africa works hand-in-hand with its clients in achieving this through our knowledge-based assets:

  • Strategic, focused and effective marketing skills
  • Brand management skills
  • Knowledge of the business environment
  • Business process analysis skills for more efficient and effective operations
  • Business financial analysis skills
  • Wide-range of contacts within the local and international business environment