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Frank von Habsburg
Director and Chief Executive Officer

+258 84 313 7893
+258 82 509 4300
Born in Switzerland, and educated in the United Kingdom, with a degree from the London School of Economics, Frank has worked in the fields of Finance, Administration, Procurement and Logistics. He has more than 15 years of management and executive experience in various foreign investment projects in Mozambique. He is results driven, with proven ability to play a key role in the successful establishment of projects and their subsequent management. He possesses a full understanding of regional and local legislation, as well as Mozambican custom and culture. He maintains close contacts in numerous government departments and excels at overcoming bureaucratic barriers. Frank fully understands corporate culture and the need for financial and administrative discipline, and the importance of the bottom line.

Carolina Banda
Senior Administration Associate

+258 84 309 1889
Carolina oversees the day to day operation and administration of the ProIntel Customs Clearance division. Her goal is to ensure that all customs clearance processes are handled in the most accurate, efficient and effective manner from initiation to completion. She considers communication as the key to success and works to directly engage with ProIntel clients updating them throughout the clearance process. Carolina is fluent in English and Portuguese and has studied administration and management in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. She brings 10 years of corporate profile experience to the ProIntel Team.

Mário Portugal
Associate, Legal and Human Resources

+258 84 314 0342
Mario is a legal adviser with deep knowledge of all aspects of Mozambican law, and a specialization in commercial, human resources, industrial relations and public procedures. Holding a law degree from Eduardo Mondlane University, Mario has worked as a Legal Assistant for IPAJ, the public authority to represent persons needing assistance with court proceedings. Mario has also worked as a Legal Adviser and Human Resources Assistant in the fields of construction and telecommunications. Fluent in Portuguese, English, and basic French Mario will support and assist Prointel΄s clients in all legal and public aspects.

Jeshrey Parmar

+258 84 311 8645
Jeshrey is the primary contact for ProIntel clients in the effective management of their accounts and invoicing documentation. Educated in Malawi, she is fluent in English, Portuguese and Chichewa. Jeshrey studied at the Malawi College of Accountancy, certified in Human Resource Management, and has experience in the fields of customer care, administration and accounts. Her efficiency, accuracy and good interpersonal skills, ensures that clients are always attended and their accounts are handled proficiently and professionally.

Everlyne Kanini
Office Administrator

+258 84 312 5471
Everlyne has a vast experience in resource and personnel administration which she has over time gained by working in highly ranked production in Kenya and Mozambique. Her background in computer systems brings more dynamism as she manages the ProIntel Africa information systems, filings, website, inventories, and systems updates. She is also responsible for internal personnel management. Everlyne is fluent in English and Kiswahili and has an intermediate understanding of Portuguese. She holds an ABMA UK Diploma in Computer science and Information Systems. Everlyne is the first line of information for anything a customer may need at ProIntel Africa and enjoys making herself always available and accessible to clients.

Hilda Duas
Associate, Company Secretarial

+258 84 312 5713
Hilda assists all of the ProIntel Africa service areas with administrative functions as and when necessary. She is also an integral part of the Company Secretarial team, with an expertise in immigration and labour processes for expariates. Hilda is fluent in Portuguese, English, Shona and Nhungue. She has studied Business Administration as well as Human Resources and will use her skills to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of all ProIntel processess.

George Kamba
Data Capturer

George completed school in Malawi and studied computers at BITONINI in Mozambique. He has knowledge in computer maintenance, and has specialized in data operations, supporting accounts in the agricultural field. George speaks fluent English and Chichewa and basic Portuguese.
Raul Chale
Customs clearing Associate

+258 843 050 866
Raul works diligently to ensure that all ProIntel customs process, whether by road, sea or air, are efficient and accurate. He has extensive experience in the areas of customs, shipping and logistics and studied professionally at the Commercial Institute of Maputo. Raul is excited to continue his professional studies and is currently studying English at the English Language Institute.

Elias Assamo
Customs Clearing Associate

+258 84 313 7318
Elias works hard as one of the ProIntel Africa liaisons with the Mozambican Customs authorities. He has an in-depth understanding of customs formalities and the custom tariffs, and passed this knowledge on to ProIntel customers through his work. He is Fluent in Portuguese and Chuaboand with an intermediate understanding of English;Elias completed his schooling locally in Quelimane. Elias’s commitment to meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations is a guiding principle in everything he does.

Zacarias Ferriera



ProIntel Africa has moved! We are currently located in our new larger offices at Estrada Nacional 07, just past Estrada de Zambia towards the Tete Chingodzi Airport and next to BCI Bank. Stop by and see us at our new location.
The ProIntel Africa Managing Director, Frank von Habsburg, was featured in the Zambezi Traveller newspaper
The ProIntel Africa office is now open Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our office is located on Avenida Independencia in the former ProCredit bank building.
ProIntel Africa offers consultants who are fluent in the following languages:
• English
• Portuguese
• French
• German

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